Newport, RI

An island retreat, higher education community and a vibrant working community, Newport hosts people with array of cultures and lifestyles. Situated along the coast of Narragansett Bay, the city is famous for its historic charm. Founded in 1639, Newport became known as the city of "Summer White Houses" as many former presidents would vacation there during the warmer months of the year. As a strategic trading port, Newport attracted many immigrants during colonial times including people from Portugal and the Caribbean.

Today, Newport is home to over 20,000 people and houses a major U.S. Navy training command, Naval Station Newport. Its historic district still has one of the most highly concentrated areas of colonial homes in America. In fact, the Gilded Age brought many luxurious mansions to this neighborhood, which today contributes greatly to the important tourism sector of Newport. Other important industries in Newport include marine trade and boat building.

Newport lies approximately 30 miles south of Rhode Island's capital city, Providence. To learn more about Newport, its history, issues and present day attractions please visit, or


Fifth Ward – A traditionally Irish Catholic neighborhood, the Fifth Ward lies in the southern end of Newport and is home to many families, college students and retirees. Close to downtown and the mansions this area is also an attractive location for summer visitors.

Easton's Point – Nestled between Washington Street and Farewell Street, the Point is packed with historic colonial homes. The lack of industrialization in Newport allowed these homes to maintain the old charm of this area. Many Quakers resided in this area and because of their tradition, streets were named after trees instead of people.

Goat Island – Goat Island is an island in Narragansett Bay that is part of the city of Newport. The island was previously used for the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station. Today, only the U.S. Coastguard maintains its presence on the island. Goat Island is a unique tourist and event hot spot for its expansive views of the bay and downtown Newport.

Yachting Village – This neighborhood earned its name for its many homes that sprawl up the hill from the shops and restaurants on lower Thames Street and below the Bed and Breakfasts and churches on Spring Street. A mix of multi-family, single family and converted commercial space homes, this area is part of the lively downtown scene yet maintains a neighborhood-like atmosphere.

Broadway – Known as the gateway to Newport, Broadway connects downtown Newport with Aquidneck Island. This street is often called Restaurant Row as it hosts many of Newport favorite dining and bar scenes. Broadway is also home to Newport's municipality services including the police station and city hall.

Kerry Hill – Kerry Hill is a historic neighborhood in Newport, which is home to many working class families. This friendly area lies between Broadway and Van Zandt Avenue. Many residents find this location desirable because of its close proximity to the water and downtown.

Bellevue – During the Gilded Age, in the mid 19th century, many plantation owners built large summer cottages in Newport to escape the southern heat. Soon after, wealthy Yankees moved to Newport to build large mansions. Today, many of the mansions are privately owned but the more famous properties including Chateau-sur-Mer and the Breakers were donated to the Newport Preservation Society.

Historic Hill – A quaint and historic area of Newport, many consider this area to off the beaten path of the traditional tourist area. This neighborhood is filled with shops, bed and breakfasts and historical societies. Spread out above upper Thames Street and below Bellevue, Historic Hill is home to the famous St. Mary's Church, where John F. Kennedy Jr. wed and the Touro Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in America.

Thames Street – The downtown area, Thames Street houses many of Newport's restaurants, shops and tourist attractions. This is also part of the city's historic area as it is lined with colonial buildings and certain areas are paved with cobblestone.