Jamestown, RI

Jamestown began as a quiet island in Narragansett Bay and has emerged into a large tourist and boating community. Originally, the main form of transportation were ferries so the island did not become largely populated until 1969 when the Newport Claiborne Pell Bridge was built connecting Jamestown to Newport.

Located on Conacnicut Island, Jamestown is the second largest island in Narragansett Bay. Originally a fur trading and sheep herding community, Jamestown earned its name after James, Duke of York who later became King James II. The town was a strategic agricultural location until the industrial boom in the early 1900s. At this point in time, the growth of hotels turned Jamestown into a popular summer vacation destination.

With a population near 6,000, Jamestown maintains a small town atmosphere. Like, Newport, its beautiful beaches and expansive coastline make it a popular summer vacation spot but much of its land area is rural.

Many popular films were set in Jamestown including "Me, Myself and Irene" and "Dan in Real Life".

To learn more about Jamestown, its history, issues and present day attractions please visit www.jamestownri.net or www.jamestownrichamber.com.


Windmill Hill Historic District – This area of Jamestown houses many of the town's historic and colonial buildings. The Old Jamestown Mill lies in this neighborhood, which operated from 1987 until 1896. The Quaker meetinghouse, built in 1787, is still active in this area.

Shoreby Hill - This area of Jamestown was the former home of Greene Farm. It lies north of Narragansett Avenue. Formerly, a summer community with visitors from St. Louis and Philadelphia, Shoreby Hill has emerged into a year-round residential setting. This hillside neighborhood is walking distance to Jamestown village and with its unique white-wooden street signs, it's hard to miss this area.

East and West Passage – These waterfront areas of Jamestown are widely known for their turn-of-the-century style homes. The neighborhoods lie on the eastern and western shores of the island.

Jamestown Village – The downtown area of Jamestown is home to most of the town's shops, restaurants and hotels. Also known as the commercial area of Jamestown, this is where the main roads connect and the East Ferry brings passengers to and from Newport.